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Are you trying to run a business or set one up? If so, we can remove the burden of your tax and accounting work and help you with day-to-day admin tasks. For example, preparing your accounts can be stressful for you, as can “filing” accounts online, which is becoming an HMRC requirement. Our accountancy firm can take care of these, and a lot more, so that you save yourself considerable time and concentrate on making money.

Companies limited by guarantee

An alternative structure to the company limited by shares.

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Limited liability partnership

A corporate vehicle, which is limited by capital contribution by the partners but transparent for tax

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Sole trader

Setting up a sole trade is the simplest and most straightforward way to trade.

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For small to medium businesses

Take care of your business while we take care of your tax & accountancy needs.

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Limited companies

Advantages of trading through a limited company.

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Several individuals are carrying on the same trade.

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Residency & tax planning

We offer advice of residency status and immigrational tax planning for individuals and corporates.

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For individuals

Pinacrown can relieve you of the stress of doing your own accounts and working out your tax liabilities.

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For start-ups

Are you planning to set up a UK company? Let us save you time and trouble.

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